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Today, I went in to see my dentist.  The gum in my left lower back part of my mouth grows up over the molar in the back and food gets trapped up under it.  Then it gets infected, which causes the gum to swell up.  And no matter how much I brush, I’ve never been able to get back there an floss behind it – it’s just too tight and the gum is always in the way.

So I went in today, just to get the excess gum tissue cauterized away.  This is called a gingevectomy.  Jaw numbed up, electro-cautery pen (kind of like a soldering iron), no big deal.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this same procedure done.  It is in fact the fourth.  It seems like I just need to get this done every few years or so.  I get some pain relievers, after the novocain wears off it hurts for a few hours then it’s okay.  After a few days, all healed up.  And my mouth invariable tastes like teriyaki chicken for the rest of the day.

But today I went in expecting to get my gingevectomy right then and there (just like every previous time I’d had this done), only to be given a quick exam and sold a 16oz bottle of chlorhexidine for $32 and told to come back next week.  Couldn’t I have gotten this at the pharmacy with my prescription insurance for $5?  At least it has all of the doctor notes on the side.  Even has stick diagrams!  I hate the consumer version, I want to know all the details.  Like how that they think this works by disrupting the membrane potentials of bacteria and how that in their tests, no bacteria was able to evolve an immunity to chlorhexidine.  These things I relish.

I also complained about how the left side of my jaw had a wonky feeling.  You know how you get a bruise and the next day it’s kind of tender, but maybe not terribly.  Well, my left jaw feels that way too.

Well, till next week then.


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