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While I was working on journal entries and eating a bowl of sherbet tonight, I noticed this meaty distasteful stuff in my mouth, back where the biopsy was done. I was able to remove it with my tongue and it was disgusting. It looked like the potted meat I had last night with the stew I had today. Absolutely vile.

And I noticed I was bleeding again. Not a whole lot, just streaking in my saliva and if I put a kleenex back there, it had some pink spotting.

And poking around some more, I noticed, no more stitches! I guess they finally decided to come out. They were supposed to come out in 3-10 days, but they took 14. What are these stitches made out of? Did I swallow them?

I brushed my teeth and cleaned my mouth out, rinsing with more chlorhexidine. Actually, I’m letting it sit in my mouth for a few minutes to soak everything and demonstrate it broad spectrum bacteria killing goodness.

Also my jaw was kinda hurting again before the goo and the stitches popped out or dissolved, thus the taking of the pain reliever earlier.

The other weird thing about it is, that my back most molar was black or really dark when I looked at it. Then after I brushed, everything seemed okay. What gives?


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