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Proteinuria What?

Today the assistent to the PA I saw on the 31st called.  She said that all of tests were normal, except that I did have protein in my urine.  This wasn’t entirely unexpected, as I mentioned in another post my cloudy urine.  Cloudy urine that when acetic acid (e.g. vinegar) is added causes the cloudiness to precipitate out of solution.  I read this some where, but don’t remember where.  And this cloudy urine has been going on for about a week (off and on before).  I was happy when I gave the sample that it displayed obvious cloudiness, because I was relieved that the tech doing the analysis would be able to observe this.

So I asked her how much and she said, “30”.  I asked her if they specified units, like mg/dL and she said that the results didn’t have any.  What?  I guess the lab didn’t read the reagant or what have you to note what they were actually measuring.

So I am to drink plenty of water between now and Friday and go back and do another urinalysis to see if they can see excess protein in my urine again.

I don’t know what this means.  I’ve read that sometimes when you have an infection, the excess proteins that your body produce spill over, but this is transient.  I’ve also read it can be indicative of other kidney pathologies.


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Cloudy Urine

The last 3 times I’ve urinated, I have had cloudy urine.  This isn’t the first time, but it is the first time that it has been as repeatable.  If I let the urine sit for 15-30 minutes, the clouding falls out of solution on its own.  Or maybe it’s from sitting in front of the cold window.  Weird.  I wonder if this is bad?  The only medication I’ve had in the last 24 hours is 3.75mg of vicodin/APAP (for my jaw/head which was hurting me last night).  And one of the episodes occurred before that.  That first episode had some kind of oil slick looking substance on the appearance and the disposable cup was clean.  No recurrence yet of the “oil slick” phenomenon.

I wish I had a nice microscope about now.  I’d look at it under the microscope in a wet mount.  Maybe that’d tell me something.

One thing that is different in the last week or so has been the amount of freshly juiced vegetables/fruits I’ve been eating.  Could this have an effect?

Now that this has happened, I’m worrying about everything my body does a little bit more.

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