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Valentine’s Day

Photo of the flower arrangement I made for my SO for Valentine’s Day. Her favorite color is purple and she likes the multi-tone roses. Red roses are so cliche anyways 🙂 The purple and orange make a nice contrast. Please excuse the kitchen floor background, it could be cleaned up a bit.


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In San Antonio

Last night, we got out late as usual.  But for a partly good cause.  Having no sense of time is always for a good cause, right?  Anyways, Nana could not watch daughter, because Grandad had a tooth abscess.  Poor guy.  So we all loaded up and came down to San Antonio.

About 2/3rds of the way, we swapped out and she drove as I was very, very tired.  I made the mistake of stopping off at a Walmart to buy a voice recorder.  Why is it that when you want to run in and get something real quick, you 1. can’t find it, 2. get stuck behind the lady with 3 kids and a basket full of items at the only register open.  I patiently bore this, but it took about 30 minutes for something that should have taken 5 minutes.

And then we got here, at about 230 am.  The appointment was postponed till later on today, because the Dr. I’m supposed to see missed his connecting flight.

And here we are.

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Today was one day after the pop, the speedy visit to the oral surgeon, etc. I had already decided to not chew. Anything. I took this advice quite literally.

And there was another concern. Sometimes my daughter is kind of rambunctious. Legs flailing around, running into people. In general just being a kid. I’ve been head butted more than a number of times on accident, even when we weren’t rough housing. And her head is hard. And it hurts. I started to think about this and became quite worried that despite explaining to her multiple times that she has to be careful with daddy, that she might forget and that might mean … I don’t know what that would mean if she broke my jaw? A trip to the ER?

This is fine when I’m awake, but sometimes daughter gets up earlier than we do an ambushes us. I wouldn’t be able to explain to her the importance of being careful or not jumping on top of us.

I’d lock the door, but then daughter might need us, like if she got sick in her sleep or had a nightmare.

So I freaked out and had my partner go out and buy me a helmet. Preferrably one that covers my jaw. Our heads are roughly comparable in circumference, so I told her to just try one on for me.

It turns out that it’s actually quite difficult to find an adult-sized sports helmet in the middle of December. Our local chain-stores only sale things that are in season. And December is not in season for football, ergo no football helmets. She looked around for quite a bit, trying to find one that guarded the jaw. She’s good to me like that. She ended up finding this:

It fit her and almost fit me. If I took out the foam pads it would, but that defeats the purpose. See the pads actually exerted pressure on my jaw. But I still want to keep it. Just in case. Just in case what? I don’t know. I guess the helmet is like a security blanket for me at the moment. I really should take it back, but I can’t. I don’t want to. Even though it is useless to me.

I imagined what it would be like to wear the helmet around in public, to work, out with the family, and so on. I’d look ridiculous. Would people freak out? Would they be repulsed? I wasn’t sure quite how people would actually take this.

So I did what I could do and I’ve taken to sleeping on my side, with an extra pillow between the front of my face and the bed as extra padding and to shift the force off of my jaw.

Just in case.

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