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Sick but getting better?

I’ve been sick for the last week or so.  And it’s sucked.  I’m currently taking Augmentin XR twice a day and still coughing.  Is this viral?  Is this some kind of resistant bacteria?  Or allergies?  But I have this low-grade fever (not exceeding 101 deg F) and that fever is quite consistent.  Ergo my body is fighting something.

I feel like I’m coughing a lung up, about half the time it’s productive, half not.  But most of the time it’s clear or just a tad yellow.  Nothing much.

For the most part, other than muscle aches, my jaw hasn’t bothered me.  The biopsy hurt.  And after I ate, it would feel hot on the inside of my mouth.  But not all the time.  About 60-70% of the time.  Brushing and washing with chlorhexidine made this better.  But everything’s closed up.  And I can’t feel anything getting trapped back there.  When I take the monoject my dentist gave me, nothing washes out.  Huh?  But today, it was mostly okay until after I had that cappuchino smoothie.  That was sugary.  Maybe that matters?  I’ve been drinking more juice, especially cranberry juice.  Did that help?

I guess overall today, I actually didn’t feel like complete crap.  It’s also nice and warm outside (80 deg F or 27 deg C).  A nice sunny day.  I’m sure that helped.


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