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Commonly used terms of relationship and comparison in dentistry


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Tonight, I updated the Wikipedia Bone Graft article to add information on risks and complications, with references.

Somehow, I didn’t get the impression that any of the major symptoms were issues from my orthopedist. Were these issues which were reported in the journals careless usage of tools during surgery? What gives?

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Apparently, the iliac crest is where leg/hip muscles attach. Shit! And they’re going to have to take part of mine. Am I going to have to hobble around on a walking cane or crutches for the rest of my life? Maybe I’ll become a crotchety old man with a cane, like House MD.

Oh great! The external oblique muscle attaches there too. How do they attach the abdominal muscles back? What do they attach them too?

And the last is from runners. I’m guessing that I probably won’t ever run again after this. Not that I really could run all that far as I had bad shin splints. But it might come in handy some day, like if I have to run from a wild animal, a crazy person or some kind of natural catastrophe that’s happening right before my eyes.

Not to mention, the pelvis can fracture from this sometimes.

I’m going to make them take a CT scan of this. Really. I don’t want them to mess this up.

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Tonight I stayed up till 6:15am researching journals about ameloblastoma, bone grafts, etc. I’m keeping notes here.

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