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Yard Work

“But let us cultivate our garden”
–Voltaire, Candide

Today I had quite a bit of energy, or at least determination. The previous owners of my house decided to plant Crape-myrtles right up against the house. And they grow very fast. And then rub up against the eaves and scrape on the house. I figured the exercise would be good and I’m sure not going to feel much like this later on. So today, for whatever reason, I decided they were going to be trimmed:

I’ve always heard an aggressive pruning is fine and won’t harm the plant. I’ve cut it like this before and it seemed just fine.

I also trimmed the miscellaneous hedges, also planted almost right next to the house. This one scrapes on the window, which freaks my other family members out at night:

This set up bushes was starting to grow into the power service line going to the house.

Then I decided to do some spring planting. I found an older package of broccoli seeds, so I put them down:

I don’t know if they’ll end up “deer food” or if they’ll even germinate. And of course last but not least, there’s onions:


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Apparently, the iliac crest is where leg/hip muscles attach. Shit! And they’re going to have to take part of mine. Am I going to have to hobble around on a walking cane or crutches for the rest of my life? Maybe I’ll become a crotchety old man with a cane, like House MD.

Oh great! The external oblique muscle attaches there too. How do they attach the abdominal muscles back? What do they attach them too?

And the last is from runners. I’m guessing that I probably won’t ever run again after this. Not that I really could run all that far as I had bad shin splints. But it might come in handy some day, like if I have to run from a wild animal, a crazy person or some kind of natural catastrophe that’s happening right before my eyes.

Not to mention, the pelvis can fracture from this sometimes.

I’m going to make them take a CT scan of this. Really. I don’t want them to mess this up.

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