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Yard Work

“But let us cultivate our garden”
–Voltaire, Candide

Today I had quite a bit of energy, or at least determination. The previous owners of my house decided to plant Crape-myrtles right up against the house. And they grow very fast. And then rub up against the eaves and scrape on the house. I figured the exercise would be good and I’m sure not going to feel much like this later on. So today, for whatever reason, I decided they were going to be trimmed:

I’ve always heard an aggressive pruning is fine and won’t harm the plant. I’ve cut it like this before and it seemed just fine.

I also trimmed the miscellaneous hedges, also planted almost right next to the house. This one scrapes on the window, which freaks my other family members out at night:

This set up bushes was starting to grow into the power service line going to the house.

Then I decided to do some spring planting. I found an older package of broccoli seeds, so I put them down:

I don’t know if they’ll end up “deer food” or if they’ll even germinate. And of course last but not least, there’s onions:


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